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Call or email the studio for more information or to register for summer.

Online registration is available! 

Follow the link to our online portal!  

For directions, please click the registration information tab or contact the studio; we will be happy to help!

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Give us a try, we are just like your family but with better Pirouettes!!

See you at the barre!! 


EMpowered Dance & Wellness Center offers a nurturing environment for all students to learn, mature, and perform the art of dance.  EMpowered Dance & Wellness Center provides anatomically correct techniques with an emphasis on keeping the dancers strong and healthy throughout their careers.  Our classes promote kinesthetically aware dancers while providing a fun, entertaining atmosphere.  EMpowered offers a variety of dance programs with various price options, for all levels including, those with physical impairments.  EMpowered welcomes a sense of cultural diversity among the patrons and maintains a level of sensitivity to any special needs.

EMpowered Dance & Wellness Center is a community-based dance and wellness program in a fully inclusive and nurturing environment, located in the heart of Phoenix, MD. EMpowered's diverse and professional faculty provides progressive, non-competitive, and inclusive instruction with classes accompanied by live and recorded music. We are a recital-based school with a student-centered, culturally responsive instructional approach based on our core values of Artistic Excellence, Creativity, Community, and Access. 

Click          to join our email list to receive email alerts about registration. Visitors and guardians will be permitted inside the Dance Center on a limited basis. Observation is always available through zoom links provided in your portal.

EMpowered is dedicated to bringing the challenge and fun of dancing at an affordable cost for all levels from the social dancer to the pre-professional. 

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