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Class Descriptions:

Early Childhood Dance Programs

Dance with Me (Adult/Toddler) Ages 18 months to 3 with Adult

Children and their parents/caregivers introduce movement by incorporating singing, musical instruments, and games. Full participation of the adult with the child supports bonding, modeling, language, and movement development through fun and play.

Creative Movement  Ages 3-4

Early childhood is a time for dancers to be introduced to dance and music concepts primarily through the medium of play-based activities. Classes are 30-minutes and are held weekly. Dance with Me for Adults and Toddlers (Ages 18 mos.-3 years) classes cover different themes while repeating many of the same concepts. Creative Movement (Ages 3-6) classes are taught in a more progressive style. As students progress through each of these programs, they will be gently scaffolded away from needing caregiver support to participating in drop-off classes, trying out basic technical skills that will prepare them for further study in a multitude of dance genres. Classes included in the Early Childhood programs are Dance with Me and Creative Movement.  

Class Descriptions

Children and Teens Programs

5-7 yr old Ballet/Jazz Combination 30mins ballet/30mins jazz
5-7 yr old Ballet/Tap Combination 30mins ballet/30min jazz
7-9 yr old Ballet/Jazz Combination 30mins ballet/30mins jazz
7-9 yr old Ballet/Tap Combination 30mins ballet/30min tap
10-14 yr old Combination classes 30mins of each style
Levels 1 and 2 of:
Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical and Musical Theatre

School-age children are ready to dive more deeply into the weekly recreational study of specific technical and conceptual understandings regarding particular styles in dance. EDWC currently offers: Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and Musical Theatre. Students may select to study one style or many. Classes in the lower levels are 60 minutes long and gradually progress to being 90 minutes long at the upper levels. Each class takes place weekly allowing students consistency, supporting growth, and understanding over time. Students in the Children and Teen Program receive high-quality instruction using dance to embody skills like critical thinking, creative choice, collaboration, and communication while centering on the joy of moving. 


Preparatory Programs* 

EMphasis on creating dancers for:
school dance team track, collegiate level dancing, professional performance track, or deeply rooting respect for the art of dance 

Ballet levels 3-6 

Ballet is a classical dance form that originated in the 1500’s.  Students begin at the barre, progress to the center, and culminate with traveling exercises across the floor.  Terminology, alignment, balance, artistry, sequencing, and pushing through space are emphasized at each level.  Students in Pointe Class or Pointe Preparation class are advised to take at least 3 ballet classes per week.  

Jazz levels 3-5

Born out of African dance, American tap dance, ballet, and theatre, Jazz dance is inherently related to popular music and has evolved alongside it. Our classes draw from a variety of jazz styles both historical and contemporary ranging from Broadway, commercial, funk, and classical techniques. Students begin with a high energy warm-up, progress to across-the-floor exercises, and use skills and concepts to master choreography to various music styles. All levels emphasize strength, isolations, syncopated rhythms, and precision.


Modern levels 3-5

Modern dance is a concert dance form that arose out of ballet in the early 20th century.  Students begin with a warm-up that combines floorwork and standing center exercises, focusing on skill building with proper technique, musicality, and, spinal articulation; followed by sequencing steps in the center and across the floor, as well as the development of improvisation and composition skills.  Techniques offered at EDWC: Horton, Limon, Graham, and Post-Modern 


Tap levels 3-5

Tap Dance is a percussive style that originated in the United States in the 1700’s. Using shoes with metal plates to create sound, students develop coordination, precision, rhythmic skills, and musicality. Our classes draw from both the Broadway and the contemporary Rhythm-Tap styles and begin with a foot isolating warm-up, followed by rhythm and step-based skill building in both the center of the room and moving across the floor.  Classes culminate in learning choreography.


Lyrical levels 3-6

Lyrical Dance is a culmination of ballet, jazz, and modern techniques and allows students to connect with the music.  EMotional development as well as musicality are stressed to heighten a dancers connection with the audience.  Connecting with audience members makes the dancer not only vulnerable but supports their rise to a new performance level that is sure to captivate.  Students must be enrolled in both ballet and, modern and/or jazz to participate in lyrical class.  The requirement of dual enrollment is for both skill level and the dancers safety.  



Contemporary Dance levels 3-5

Contemporary dance is a genre of dance performance that has grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. Although originally informed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, it has come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance. Due to its technical similarities, it is often perceived to be closely related to modern dance, ballet, and other classical concert dance styles.

Progressive Ballet Technique 

Developed by Marie Walton-Mahon in the 1990s to increase students' awareness of posture, alignment, and weight-placement that translates from the barre to center, and ultimately locomotive activities in dance class.  PBT decreases the risk of injury and enhances self-assessment promoting healthy longevity that is appreciated by athletes and Physical Therapists. 

Instructors must be certified.  Equipment is required for this class.

Precision Jazz

Inspired by the technical precision of the Rockettes, Precision Jazz gives students the opportunity to hone their epaulement, teamwork skills, and high kicks!  This class focuses on the technical nuisances that accompany an intricate jazz dance.  This class is intended for students with previous experience and taking a ballet class at EMpowered.  Appropriate for Level 4 and 5 students.  


*Preparatory Program requires a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week, suggested 4 ballet classes a week as well as an additional style of dance.  Increasing a technical base of knowledge as well as expanding your horizons with additional styles of dance is what dance teams, colleges, and professional companies are looking for in dancers.  

Adding classes and/or wellness amenities such as massage, Pilates, and Yoga to your study is strongly suggested to decrease injury risk and supply you, the athlete, with much-needed cross-training.  

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