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"To the New Parents of EMpowered Dancers:

Having enrolled your child at Empowered, DO YOU KNOW what you’ve found? Perhaps you do not realize because you’re following their love of movement and dance and you’re getting them to try new things. They are absolutely adorable, I might add! As a mom whose little dancer has been in high school a few years and moving into a different phase of her dancing, I think how thankful we are that Emily Norris followed her dream and began EMpowered. As I watched them at the recital I was overcome with emotion for them, for you, for my daughter, Leah, and for Emily as she performed each dance on the side with such pride for her students. In our experience, such attention is rare. DO YOU KNOW what you’ve found? DO YOU KNOW that you have found a place for your child to learn, work, be challenged and encouraged in the most loving way? DO YOU KNOW that you have found a place that really does makes them stronger and confident. My daughter has known and been working with Emily for just five years. As I have watched Leah grow into the dancer she has become, I can only thank Emily for the way she teaches dance and the influence she has had on her life as a young dancer and adult. Places and people like Emily Norris and her family/staff of EMpowered are a rare and wonderful gift. DO YOU KNOW what you’ve found?"

Blessing this Holiday Season,

Leah's Mom

"We should all be thanking YOU -- and all your family members! -- for all the time and joy you put into EMpowered. That's why we're all willing to come out in the rain and cold to watch and participate. We are so happy to have joined the EMpowered family."

Cass & Kate Fisher

"So thankful we found this wonderful studio. My 3 year old is loving Miss. Emily and enjoys going to class. I look forward to watching my little girl grow into a dancer with EMpowered."

Elizabeth Miller

"This is wonderful, nurturing environment for my girls.  The instruction is spot on, the staff and Miss Emily are fantastic! Could not ask for a better dance studio!"

Selby Vaughan

"Em is great my daughter is in love with dancing and so quickly, she spends her nights dancing around the house counting the time before she goes back to dance class."

Karen Williams

"We had an amazing time and were choked up with emotion on Penny's first ever 'performance!' She was more than humbled by the experience as you can probably tell by her face in the pictures.  She is usually pretty shy but we realized that your techniques and positivity have given her and her friends a special confidence in themselves. Thank you so very much for all you do!"

The Jones Family

"My daughter started at EMpowered Dance at 3 and has loved it since day 1, she's now 5. Emily is great with the kids and makes things fun when teaching them. Definitely worth the drive."

Steve Davenport

"EMpowered Dance Center-LOVE THIS PLACE! The most nurturing environment with top notch instruction. Small and homey feel. The owner/teacher loves each and every student and makes them all feel special. Can't say enough wonderful things about this place."

Stephanie Caplan

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